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Are You Aware of these 5 Alloderm Dangers?

If you have an Alloderm patch, you were probably facing a significant medical issue and thought that surgery would be a viable option that would lead to your recovery. Dealing with the complications that frequently occur following the use of an Alloderm patch can be painful, discouraging, and can create a host of difficulties for an already suffering patient. You may also be in the position of considering an Alloderm patch or wondering what the possible complications are. Consider the following 5 dangers:

  1. Serious Infection. If you have had a surgery involving an Alloderm patch, you may be at a higher risk for staphylococcus or other dangerous infections. These can cause sepsis, necrotizing pneumonia, or necrotizing fasciitis.
  2. Painful abscesses. These can occur in the abdomen, or anywhere in the body that an Alloderm patch is used. They are pockets of pus, and can lead to pain, inflammation, nausea, constipation, and diarrhea. They often require surgery to repair.
  3. Improper suturing. The stitches that hold your Alloderm mesh patch in place are known as sutures. If the doctor does not secure the mesh patch correctly, it can detach internally or cause other complications. In these situations, the original problem is not being addressed, and infection or other complications could arise.
  4. Mesh erosion. The mesh barrier that makes up the Alloderm patch sometimes begins to erode before the body has healed. This could leave you with no patch or an insufficient patch where you needed one. It is likely to lead to infection and other complications, and may require further surgery.
  5. Mesh failure and explantation. In some cases, the failure of the patch is so serious that it must be removed. This is called explantation. If you had to have your Alloderm mesh patch removed, you are probably aware that explantation can lead to infection, pain, slower healing, and other complications.

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