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Life after AlloDerm Complications

When you were first diagnosed with a hernia, you probably weren’t overly worried. Many people get hernias, and it seems like most of us know someone who went through hernia surgery without a hitch. Your doctor probably explained the procedure as simple and low-risk. However, if you’re at this website, you or someone you love probably experienced some devastating complications from the patch that was used to repair your hernia.

What now? In the aftermath of such an unexpected obstacle, it can be difficult to know what to do. Consider the following list of ideas as tips that might help you or your loved one. Remember that every case is different, so don’t worry if some do not apply to you:

  • Your main concern is probably getting your medical situation under control. It can be very difficult to be your own advocate in today’s medical system. If you feel like you aren’t getting proper care, a patient advocate, medical social worker, or attorney may be able to get you the help you need.
  • Even once you are getting the care you deserve, you may face staggering medical bills or have difficulty working. If these difficulties are thanks to the hernia patch used in your surgery, contact an attorney who can help work for a just outcome in your case.
  • Very often in these situations, friends and community members are quite helpful in the immediate aftermath of your crisis. However, you may need ongoing help. Don’t be afraid to ask! People get busy. If your friends are now too busy to lend a helping hand, you may need the help of an organization or personal care assistant. Talk with an attorney about all your needs.
  • It’s very common for an individual to experience depression or anxiety after such a traumatic situation. Talk to a trusted friend, religious leader, therapist, or counselor if you’re finding the ordeal to be difficult.

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